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Making a monthly contribution ensures that families have access to a lifestyle that is sustainable and healthy for years to come. Donors make the mission of United for Baby possible and carry the impact made for thousands of individuals.

Why donate to us?

Diapers help a family return to the workforce. Diapers improve senior’s quality of life. Diapers allow children to attend school. Diapers provide healthy living options. Diapers let children enroll in daycare.

When you donate $0.94 cents of every dollar donated goes directly toward programs.

Donation Station Drop Off

Donation boxes located in Elgin Town Hall and other areas throughout Kershaw County.

Anyone wanting to donate any of the following items may drop them off at their convenience: diapers, feminine hygiene products, incontinence supplies, wipes, and/or new baby clothes and toys.

Giving is easy

In-kind donations

If you have diapers, wipes, or incontinence products that you wish to donate, please drop them off at our location during our business hours.

Give stocks

Make a long-term impact by donating stocks and securities to further our work. We accept donations of commonly held, publicly traded stocks.

Matching Gifts

Your gift to United for Baby could be matched dollar for dollar by your employer! Many employers offer sponsor matching gift programs and match any charitable contributions made by their employees and retirees. Find out if your company has a matching program!

See if your employer will match your donation!

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    Be a part of the Texas Diaper Bank volunteer experience! 5,100 volunteers work with us every year to make our mission possible and we need your help!

    Join us as we repackage diapers and wipes, build emergency kits, and facilitate warehouse management. Space is limited and the events fill up fast. Please allow 2-3 business days for us to respond.

    Repackaging diapers
    and wipes

    Join us as we repackage diapers and wipes into packages of 25 for our clients.

    Organize and
    count donations

    Help us manage all of the donations so we can effectively distribute them to clients.

    Create kits
    for families

    Help us create kits to distribute to families by bringing together different products to serve a common purpose! Kits range from those we handout in classes to disaster relief.

    Volunteer locations

    Most volunteer activities and events take place at Blaney Baptist Church 1400 Blaney Rd, Elgin, SC 29045

    Volunteer hours

    Available upon request. Please call 803-331-4686

    Host a diaper drive

    Do you want to help underserved families? Hosting a diaper drive is a great way to donate diapers and spread awareness of the diaper gap, plus it’s easy! Diapers are one of the most basic needs for a family, but for low-income families, diapers can sometimes be a luxury and are often times rationed. A simple item such as diapers can change a family’s life. Help make a difference today with United for Baby!

    For more information or if you need help with your diaper drive, please email:

    Step 1: Set a date

    You can host a diaper drive at any time during the year and for any reason (community service, corporate outreach, and even birthday parties). Set a date and duration, and then tell everyone you know when it is happening to encourage donations!

    Step 2: Collect donations

    We accept child and adult diapers, new and lightly used baby items, and wipes. Diapers can be in opened and unopened packages (all diapers are repackaged for clients by our volunteers). Please contact procurement at 0r 803-888-9158.

    Step 3: Drop-off donations

    Once your drive is complete, please schedule an appointment and drop-off your donations at United for Baby call 803-331-4686. We are located at 9 Jonquil Court Elgin, SC 29045. We are open from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Thursday, and from 8 am to 12 pm on Friday. Donor Tax Receipts are available upon request.

    Request a speaker

    We are always happy to share that facts about diaper need in your area.

    To request a speaker, please email